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Meet Our Invisible Bead Extension Specialists


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Consultation Required

Extension pricing varies widely depending on your desired results.  Many things are taken into consideration when determining the correct method needed or variation of methods, how many rows, or amount of hair needed to achieve your desired look. All of this and more will be discussed during your consultation.

  • What Makes IBE® Different Than Other Methods?
    Did you know your extensions are considered in a grow out phase for 80% of the time they are worn? Once you realize that, you understand why it is imperative you choose an extension method that promises a solid and damage-free experience during the entire time they’re worn. IBE® was the first extension method to be transparent about how your extensions should look at every stage of wear. The unique way our foundation is structured, combined with our precise stitching pattern, offers guests the peace of mind that their extensions are going to hold up and be easy to maintain.
  • What Does the Extension Process Look Like?
    1. Your IBE experience begins with scheduling a consultation to meet in person and discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair goals. Please bring inspiration pictures to this appoint! - A $50 deposit is required that will be applied to your hair cost. 2. We will then work with you to choose an extension color to create a beautiful, seamless blend with your natural hair that is in line with your hair goals. If necessary, I will color or tone the extension hair prior to your installation to insure a perfect match. 3. A non-refundable deposit will be required to book your installation. This fee will be discussed during your consultation. 4. On the day of your new install, we will prep your hair prior to install. This ensures we are installing your extensions on the best foundation possible. 5. I will then install your hair, shape and trim the new hair to insure it blends with your natural hair. We will then finish with a beautiful style. This is a great time to ask any styling questions you may have! 6. We will finish by discussing your home care routine, recommending home care products, scheduling your reinstall, and then taking a few minutes for pictures to show of your new look for social!
  • How Much Hair Will I Need?
    The amount of hair required depends on the density and length of your natural hair. After determining your extension goals we can determine the correct amount of hair needed. Hand-tied extensions are applied in rows, anywhere from 1 to 3 rows can be used. However, two rows is the most popular option. Each row can consist of 3-6 wefts per row. - 1 row adds volume - 2 rows add volume and length - 3 rows is for a major transformation
  • How Often Do I Need to Come Back?
    Re-installs are required every 7 to 10 weeks. Time frame is dependent on your texture, speed of hair growth, and home care.
  • How Long Does Extension Hair Last?
    We use the best quality hair on the market for all of our installations. If maintained and cared for properly, your hair investment should last between 9 and 12 months.
  • Why Can't We Just Do a "Move up"?
    4 reasons we completely remove the row and re-install at their maintenance appointment: 1.Release all natural hair shed - if shed remains in the subsection, it can cause matting and tangling at the base of your guest's rows 2.Asses scalp and row placement - a thorough analysis of the scalp health can not be done with the foundation still intact 3.Reset proper tension - the success of your row is dependent on an accurate tension gap 4.Create longevity and durability - using new beads and thread give the row a fresh start and contribute to the durability of wear
  • How Much Are Extensions?
    The initial investment range is based on total of wefts, length, and number of rows needed. Please see examples below: ALL PRICES ARE PER WEFT! *You could need anywhere from 4 to 12 wefts depending on your hair goals! 14" - $90+ 16" - $96+ 18" - $96+ 20" - $145+ 22" - $165+ 24" - $180+ *Prices may vary depending on which hair type is needed! These are base prices. - Consultation- $50 (will be applied to installation deposit) - Deposit to secure Installation appointment- Cost of hair First Installation *Starting Prices include: - Prepping extensions and your natural hair - Custom root color and tone to blend your hair with the wefts - Swag bag 1 row- $175 2 rows- $350 3 rows- $500 *Custom root color is to create a natural blend only. If a custom color (foiling) is needed, additional fees will apply. Maintenance Reinstalls *Starting Prices include: -Detoxifing your extensions and a scalp treatment -swag bag 1 row- $150 2 rows- $300 3 rows- $450 * Prices listed above do not include any color services
  • Do You Offer Payment Plans?
    Yes, we do!

Halo Couture

Halo extensions are a non-damaging way to add instant length and volume to your natural hair.  During your consultation, Stacy will work with you to select the correct color as well as your desired length and fullness.  Your halo will be completely customized to best suit you.  

Long Hair, Don't Care

Invest in your hair, It is the crown you never take off...

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